Data backup

Windows backup

Official Windows XP backup tutorial:
Automating Windows backup (XP, English) :

Windows 7 backup and restore tutorial (Traditional Chinese):
Windows 7 backup tutorial video (English):
Video that teaches you how to use this build-in utility as a Ghost-like program (English):

Remember, you can always consult Windows Help and Microsoft Online knowledge base.

Free third party backup software

If you feel the build-in backup utility provided by MS is not satisfactory, quite a few backup software is available:
The IISntb repository contains an open source backup program named Cobian Backup developed by a Swedish professor. This program can be found in:\packages\09_Open_source\cobianbackup (IIS account required)
A tutorial for Cobian Backup can be found here:

Transcend protable HDD backup

Transcend portable HDDs ship with a free software named StoreJet Elite. This software helps you do backup, synchronization and archiving. The user’s manual of this software can be found here .

Database backup

An article describing how to backup MySQL database automatically (Linux):

MySQL provides a utility to generate a script of SQL commands that would re-create the original database(s). Tutorial for MySQLDump:

How about remote backup?
A tutorial for backking up MySQL databases via SSH:
Via PhpMyAdmin: (Traditional Chinese) (English)

If you are a Linux Guru, tar is capable of performing incremental backup. The -g option is your friend. An example is given here:

Version control

The ANTS lab uses TortoiseSVN. A guide for setting up a TortoiseSVN repository is available here:

The Augmented Reality sub-team of the PLASH project led by Angus uses Google code:

Of course, there is a lot of other version control software you can utilize: