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Wireless Technologies Team (Recent work)

Towards next generation in mobile and wireless communications for next decade, a new paradigm shift is required to deal with challenges on explosively growing requirements in mobile data traffic volume (1000x), number of connected devices (10–100x), and typical end user data rate (10–100x). Recently, the fifth generation mobile communications system (5G) has been attracting more and more attention, with many organizations being established toward the identification of system requirements, novel system concepts and potential access technologies for 2020 and beyond. In the future 5G networks, the wide deployment of smallcell is a feasible and reasonable solution for enhancing spectrum utilization and satisfying 5G requirements. About the management aspect of 5G network, the software-defined networking (SDN) represent a first concrete step towards this direction, catalyzing the idea of decoupling software defined control plane from hardware driven data plane on general purpose hardware. There is an increasing trend towards implementing more and more functions of mobile communications systems in software.


Figure 1:SDN architecture


However, many challenges and problems in 5G network need still to be solved. Therefore, in this three-year proposal, we focus on the mobility and resource management mechanisms in SDN-based smallcell networks and would like to propose some efficient solutions. In the SDN aspect, we will propose new network architecture, multi-domain control, policy design and cross-layer design of the SDN for future 5G smallcell network. In the mobility management aspect, we study the intra-domain and inter-domain handover procedures in SDN-based smallcell network. Moreover, we both consider the handover decision and group mobility issues in our proposal. In the resource management aspect, Moreover, we will use the advanced techniques for improving the network throughput, such as massive multi-input multi-output (MIMO), carrier aggregation (CA), cognitive radio (CR), cooperative, and Coordinated Multipoint (CoMP), etc. Moreover, we will also take the fairness and QoS guarantee into account.

Figure 2:Research issues in 5G ultra dense small-cell networks



1.      Cross-layer Network Designs of 5G Ultra Dense Small-Cell Networks  

2.      Study of Mobility and Resource Management Mechanisms in SDN-Based Smallcell Networks


Current research areas

1.      Software-Defined Network (SDN)

2.      Mobility management of 5G ultra-dense smallcell network

3.      Resource management of 5G ultra-dense smallcell network



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Previous work

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