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Intelligent English Online Learning System (AutoQuiz)

The AutoQuiz consists of three subsystems: the grammar Question Generator (QG), the Online Test Subsystem (OTS), the Diagnosis Subsystem (DS) and the Learning status management subsystem (LSMS). The QG is an automatic grammar question generating mechanism which based on Nature Language Processing (NLP) technique. The OTS provides online test, which allow students and teachers to generate a customized quiz based on specific parameters (e.g., difficulty, grammar topics, article). When students finished taking quizzes with the OTS, the DS would infer their weakness or misunderstandings by judging their quiz outcomes. Subsequently, the LSMS immediately provides corresponding feedback, including the correct answer, an explanation of the answer, and the supplementary material for the students to overcome the weakness. In addition, the LSMS allows teachers to monitor learning status of each student and class, respectively.

In brief, the OTS offers the online test interaction while the DS served as diagnostic tool for evaluating students’ learning status. Subsequently, the LSMS not only provides students with feedback to support their learning but also provides teachers with dashboard to help them understanding students’ learning status. The design rationale of each subsystem is detailed in following. 

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